3 chromebook classroom management solutions featured at CETPA 2016

As another successful CETPA conference has come and gone, Impero took some time to reflect on the trends and needs of the thousands of education industry attendees. Held in Sacramento, this year’s trade show appeared to be primarily attended by CTOs and Directors of Technology, Network Managers and Engineers, Data Base Administrators, Support, and Technicians for K12 school districts.

The trade show portion of the CETPA conference was well attended by vendors with an impressive 200+ booths. At the Impero booth, (an impressive display if we do say so ourselves!) our team talked with hundreds of school IT people, both current Impero Education Pro customers and other attendees who were searching for network, internet safety, and classroom management products for school technology. Based on accounts from the Impero event team and post event data, visitors to the stand were crazy for the Chromebook classroom management solutions.

 Within the search for Chromebook classroom management solutions by school IT administrators at CETPA, the common theme was: keeping students engaged while using digital devices.

Many visitors to the Impero booth reported that over the last 18 months, their schools had acquired and implemented thousands of Chromebooks, many of them within 1:1 schemes. This means that hundreds of teachers were tasked with monitoring and managing those thousands of devices in their classrooms. With this major technological shift, IT management began to understand the needs of their classroom teachers, and search for solutions.


Based on this CETPA common theme of student engagement on digital devices, and the need for school IT admin to help teachers manage devices, the Impero team was able to provide the following top three Chromebook classroom management solutions:

  1. Screen Locking

One of the biggest challenges an any classroom has always been getting all the students to pay attention to the teacher when necessary. Teachers learn dozens of catch phrases, hand gestures, and other tactics to get students to look up front, such as chanting, “One, two, three, eyes on me,” clapping three times, or flipping the lights on and off. With each student having their own digital device, though, these catchy little rituals become less and less effective.

In classrooms with dozens of Chromebooks or other devices, students can become mesmerized with their screens, but what if a teacher were able to lock them? We guarantee that would get students’ attention, pronto! Impero Education Pro classroom management software comes equipped with screen locking functionality. At the click of a mouse, a teacher can freeze the screens of all the devices in the class, quickly gaining all students’ attention in a snap!

  1. Website sharing

Ask any teacher about getting all students in a classroom onto a website for a lesson and the collective response would likely be a roll of the eyes. Writing a URL on the whiteboard in the front of the classroom is a guaranteed time-waster of at least 15 minutes while students fumble with typing in the proper forward slashes, letters, etc. Even adding a URL to a digital document for students to click on can cause chaos if a pesky student or two would rather surf the web than participate.

To solve this problem, Education Pro’s website sharing function allows instructors to push out one website to all the digital devices in a classroom, no matter what platform type. This way, all students are on the same web page at the same time simultaneously, allowing the teacher to do what needs to be done – teach.

  1. Screen sharing

One of the biggest advantages of having 1:1 schemes in schools is allowing each student to have their own device with which to research, read, practice skills, and access resources on the internet. With that comes the learning of applications that enhance the experience. A huge issue involved in using apps on tech devices, though, is the learning curve. Many times, in order to teach the use of apps, or even just demonstrate a skill, the simplest solution is for the students to see what the teacher is doing on his or her own screen. Additionally, if one student is demonstrating a skill that could be helpful to others, a teacher might want to share that child’s screen with all the other members of the class.

With Education Pro, gone are the days of projecting the teacher’s screen onto a whiteboard or other clunky method of getting students to see the instructor monitor. With a couple quick clicks, the teacher can share screens with all students in the class on their individual devices. Or one student device can be shared with all the other students. Alternately, the teacher is able to project his or her screen to a white or SMART board, if that works best. Either way, the features are easy-peezy to use.

classroom management solutions save time for teachers and school IT managers

The three Impero Education Pro features above are just a few of the ways that the software can provide Chromebook classroom management solutions. The great thing about Education Pro is that isn’t just for Chromebooks. Our software works on all platforms connected to a school network. It’s also a consolidated solution, providing not only classroom management, but network management and internet safety solutions for school technology. All of these features combined make Education Pro a major time saver for both teachers and IT administrators.

As one of the CETPA attendees commented at our booth, “Impero Education Pro is the software we’ve been searching for that will help provide our teachers with the ability to engage their students and reduce distractions. This is a win-win for both teachers and IT!”

Thanks to CETPA for a well-organized, well-attended, enjoyable event. See you next year!

For the technical bits about using Impero Education Pro with Chromebook management, download our datasheet here.

Impero’s software is available to all California schools and throughout the United States and Canada. To find out more about how Impero Education Pro features can help your school district with network, classroom, and internet safety management, request a free demo and trial on our website. To talk to our team of education experts, call 877.883.4370, or email Impero now to arrange a call back.

US Sales Rep Spencer Bashforth shows off Impero collateral at the CETPA 2016 stand

US Sales Rep Spencer Bashforth shows off Impero collateral at the CETPA 2016 stand

US Sales Rep Ben Braus manning the CEPTA 2016 booth

US Sales Rep Ben Braus manning the CEPTA 2016 booth