Did you know that Impero Education Pro uses less bandwidth than our competitors?

Here at Impero, we’re more than just technologists. We love education, too. Since our inception in 2002, we’ve dedicated our research and development to creating an easy-to-use solution to help enable productive classrooms, support networks and keep students safe. Impero Education Pro is a feature-rich solution, and that’s why you’ll probably be surprised to discover that it uses minimal bandwidth.

Looking after a multitude of devices, with a considerable amount of users, proves a pivotal factor when schools make decisions about which software packages to invest in. Having a solution that saves time, saves money and keeps students safe all seems worthwhile, but concerns over bandwidth consumption can become apparent.

How would Impero Education Pro benefit your school/organization?

Our specialized proprietary protocol, coupled with efficient data compression over secure encrypted SSL connections, ensures that Impero Education Pro uses minimal bandwidth. Put simply, this means our software is fast and doesn’t eat up much data on your network.

By merging several features into one consolidated product, and therefore replacing multiple software packages, Impero Education Pro allows for the volume of traffic to be kept to a minimum; this enables schools to utilize our product’s multitude of features – including network management, classroom management and online safety – to their full potential.

Furthermore, by consolidating software installation and management into a single product, Impero Education Pro lessens the overhead on your clients – what’s not to love?

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