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How much energy are you wasting?

In these tough economic times, it’s not an option to just sit back while energy bills creep up to extortionate levels, especially when there’s a simple way to address the issue. Unattended or unused devices are responsible for one of the most significant hidden costs in IT and, as budgets continue to stretch, it’s more important than ever to monitor and manage computer usage wisely.

There’s also the environmental impact to consider. We all have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint, and contribute to a greener future, and it’s not acceptable to take an unlimited approach to our limited resources.

Impero Education Pro’s power management feature provides centralised control of power usage across the network. Scheduling remote power on/off and delivering a variety of reports to maintain efficiency and track savings, this feature alone presents a compelling business case. Impero Education Pro customers typically see a return on their investment in just 6-8 months from this power management feature.


key elements:

  • schedule power on/off
  • set rules for hibernation, standby and shutdown
  • monitor and report usage and idle time
  • customise power policies by device/location/user
  • produce desktop utilisation reports
  • customise reports on energy and cost analysis
  • export reports to CSV or PDF
  • identify potential cost savings
  • manage centrally within group structure
  • customise access to policies by group
  • detect and exclude applications
  • report on the overall cost of wasted energy
  • view comparative reports

To find out more about Impero Education Pro’s power management software feature click here and download the technical datasheet.


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