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How well do you know your network?

Keeping on top of an ever-expanding software and hardware inventory list can be a daunting and time-consuming task. As the demand for software and hardware in education grows, and the requirements of each department become increasingly complex, keeping track of what’s what can sometimes seem unmanageable.

In most cases Excel spreadsheets are the management tool of choice, though the static and manual nature of this method means they are often out of date. Larger establishments tend to decentralise the task, with individual departments responsible for their own inventory, further complicating the process.

More than simply classroom management software, Impero Education Pro has an inventory management feature to automate inventory checks, saving valuable time when auditing. This centralised view highlights the age and state of equipment so it can be replaced, refreshed or removed no sooner, or later, than is necessary. This alone accounts for significant cost savings amongst our customers.


key elements:

  • produce detailed hardware and software reports for auditing
  • match serial numbers to equipment without manual checking
  • auto-update changes to inventory in real time
  • keep equipment up to date and in good order
  • report on the performance of hardware
  • browse through each computer to view hardware and software installed
  • drill down to see exactly which computers need drivers installing
  • access inventory reports even when computers are switched off
  • extend the life of hardware that simply needs cleaning
  • inventory management supports smart procurement

To find out more about Impero Education Pro’s inventory management software feature click here and download the technical datasheet.

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