How protected are your online users?

E-learning, digital communication, social media, cloud based applications – it’s amazing how quickly new technology becomes commonplace across education. But amidst all the hype, and in the race to make the most of these new opportunities, let’s not forget the fundamental safety issues and exposure to risk that the online environment presents.

Viewing unsuitable content, giving out personal information, accessing indecent images, cyberbullying, grooming, identity theft – this list goes on, and we’ve all heard the horror stories. It’s essential that, in order to support safe online learning, educational establishments have a good e-safety policy in place, and the tools to enforce this.

The e-safety feature in Impero Education Pro is designed to protect students from the risks of online working. With key word detection and the use of blocks and filters, acceptable boundaries can be imposed. Real-time alerts and close monitoring will highlight violations, usually proving enough of a deterrent to prevent these instances occurring in the first place.


key elements:

  • prevent access to unsuitable sites
  • prevent unauthorised use of proxy sites
  • enforce acceptable usage policy
  • create key word libraries for real-time detection
  • monitor using specialist built-in key word libraries
  • determine potential risk through key word glossaries with explanations
  • create different policies depending on severity
  • capture time stamped screen shots of every violation
  • add screenshots to logviewer report
  • record on-screen activity and specify recording length to capture misuse
  • export violations with details and image to PDF
  • evidence misconduct from a centralised log to support disciplinary action
  • alert the relevant authority when rules are violated
  • apply policies and filters to laptops when disconnected from the network
  • log and monitor all web activity
  • enable students to anonymously report concerns using the Confide system

To find out more about Impero Education Pro’s e-safety for schools, click here and download the technical datasheet.


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