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Are you up to date with the latest in classroom management software?

Recent years have seen a rapid growth in IT-based learning, with computer labs replacing the traditional classroom as education establishments, around the world, recognise the need to support the modern learning environment.

The opportunities afforded by online computer-based learning bring a number of challenges for tutors and students alike. Keeping students on task, without distraction, is no mean feat when they have the electronic world at their fingertips. This is where Impero Education Pro steps in.

Classroom management is an integral feature of Impero Education Pro, passing classroom control firmly back into the hands of the tutor. Without cloning teaching staff, or installing eyes in the back of heads, Impero Education Pro offers real-time visibility of every user’s computer, in one central view.


key elements:

  • broadcast tutor screen to all or selected students
  • broadcast student screen to others
  • block websites, folders, applications and hardware
  • block translated websites
  • block games from the classroom
  • disable internet access, USB ports, sound and printers
  • track encrypted or unlisted USBs
  • blank screens and lock mouse/keyboard
  • monitor progress through task lists, exams and quick questions
  • help and assist students remotely
  • create multiple grouping structures based on specified criteria
  • send and collect multiple files to and from different computers
  • send instant messages to students for private communication

To find out more about Impero Education Pro’s computer lab management software feature click here and download the technical datasheet.


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