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when it comes to e-safety in schools, educators choose Impero

Finding the right software that not only lets administrators manage their network efficiently and securely but also provides their students with the best e-safety in schools features is the goal. Impero Education Pro classroom management software is the answer.

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these Impero infographics make great e-safety posters for your classroom

We’ve accumulated a wealth of facts and figures that we’re always keen to share with those who have an interest in e-safety in schools. One way we do this is by creating and sharing infographics, which teachers can use in the classroom as e-safety posters.

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Impero shortlisted for the Education Investor Awards 2014

We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Education Investor Awards in the Technological Infrastructure category.

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Network management software - network history

spelling out network management software

Did you know that the earliest record of the word dates back to 1560 in the Geneva bible, and that it was spelt with an ‘e’ on the end?

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e-safety concerns over student ‘sexting’ activity

A recent survey of students in the United States has highlighted a correlation between participation in ‘sexting’ and subsequent sexual risk behaviour.

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